More Pictures of the soapbox coming soon......

We're Baaaack!

So the move is over. We are now officially living in a shoebox. Estimated square footage: 150. I am dead serious! Those who have visited this lovely new apartment will attest to my truthfulness. I cannot tell you how much I go crazy with this new adjustment.

It is like going from the Taj Mahal (Grandma's house) to a little shack. And my desire to decorate has not declined, though it must stop because I have nowhere to put all of my stuff. (Ericka, I need some advice here) I don't want to make this little apartment cluttered, but I want it to look homey and organized. I will post some pics of the apartment, excuse the boxes still around I just don't know where to put them all! I want to paint the wall in the bedroom and in the living room so at least we have some colors! I really liked the colors Ericka chose in their new home. Their baby blessing was so nice and they have such a cute home up in Burley!

We finally got the internet set up here so I can now do more blogging. It has almost been a month! I was getting really sick of going to the Logan library to get online, although it gave me an excuse to look at books which I don't mind at all!

I have all these projects I want to do, but I don't know where to start. I want to paint the bookcase, paint the two walls in this apartment, paint the little chest in the bathroom and work on my Christmas projects for gifts. Does anyone else out there not know where to start with these projects?

I think my cat is depressd. I feel so bad for her. She is cooped up in this tiny little apartment and we haven't let her go outside because....well, I guess I am just worried she will get lost in this new place. She sleeps way more than she used to, she eats a lot more and she is getting overweight because she doesn't have much physical activity to do since she isn't outside at all.

I am currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer and I am about 100 pages away from being done. Now this is her first adult novel she has done besides the Twilight series and I must say, I am really loving this book. I really like it a lot better than her last book she published and the last in the series, Breaking Dawn. Am I the only one that was let down by that one?

I have such a long list of Books I want to read. Denise usually suggests some of them to me as well as others I like.

On the waiting list:

A Lake in the Clouds by Sara Donati (third book in the series)
Ferney by James Long
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (needs to be finished)
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Eldest by Christopher Paolini (needs to be finished)
4th book in the Work and the Glory series

Well hopefully I will be able to find the time for these books as well as my projects. School is keeping me pretty busy. I am really enjoying the two night classes I am taking down at Bridgerland. One is a Medical Terminology class and the other one is Drug Dosages and Calculations which are pre-requisites to apply to the LPN program there. Hopefully about in a year and a half I will be finally done, and able to start making good money for us. I've wasted so much time with school. I've attended USU for 8 semesters and should be graduated but kept changing majors (Business, Nursing, Public Health) and so much money from student loans have been spent on a degree I haven't gotten from there. Thank goodness I have a sponsorship place for BATC who will pay for my schooling! I want my education to be worth something you know? The investment I've put into education needs to get some return sometime!

Also I am looking for a job so anybody with suggestions, or what not, please let me know.

Have a good week!