Little Red and my Man

Well today was Chase's day off and he had a project to do. My little red needed new rotors, brake pads and axles. So Chase took on this project all on his own, with my own help here and there. So we got up and went to CarQuest to get the parts of course. We got a steal of a deal (obviously we would) because Chase gets the best discount for working there. Only now, he had to do the labor. The whole time while he was cussing and sweating over the job, he said it would have been worth the $300 labor to have a professional do it. He sure kept me laughing all day. It was so interesting watching him fix up our little red. I have memories of watching my dad out in the garage fixing our cars and him fixing up his 1967 Mustang from basically nothing to beautiful. Anyways, I had my doubts about Chase's capabilities but I shouldn't have. I was nervous the whole time that little red wouldn't get put back together again. It took us (well me watching and reading) and Chase sweating and working about 7 hours today, but we did it! I am so proud of Chase and am grateful that he can work on Cars and so we don't have to pay to have someone else fix it up. I have posted a pic of a suped up little red (ours doesn't look quite so hot) but thought you might enjoy the thoughts of driving this bad boy! I know you are so jealous.

It's Twins!!!!

Well tonight, Chase and I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law's new baby girls up at the hospital! They both weighed 7 lbs 1 ounce. Isn't that strange? They were born early this morning. I am so happy for them and Ellie was so cute walking around to both of them and saying "baby A" or "baby B". She is a happy big sister right now. I did hear her say hello to Sophie though. So she's learning to tell them apart I think. I took my camera up there meaning to take pictures, but got caught up into holding them (I held Lily) and Chase held Sophie that I just forgot. So sorry no pictures posted. I'm sure though that Dan and Holly will post plenty of pictures on their blog. Isn't birth such a miracle? I was just in awe of these two little precious bundles. So that is the latest family news and news in our life for now. Happy Birthday Sophie and Lily! Here's a pic of the Olsen Twins since I didn't take any pics.