Found a place...we think

Ok. We think we have a place. Thank goodness. It is small only a 1 bedroom, but I guess we will adjust. From a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, to 1 bedroom 1 bath.. Oh joy. I cannot wait. I cant tell you how much I've enjoyed having 2 bathrooms. It is wonderful. Chase had his and I had mine> There was so much room. We can't even take everthing we own because it won't fit. We have to leave the table and chairs and just use the kitchen bar.

On a plus side, there is a DISHWASHER! I don't remember ever being so excited about an appliance. I am daydreaming of using it right now...I will be saving myself 1-2 hours per week of doing the dishes by hand.

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. Did anyone else catch the presidential debate that wasn't over 40? Well, Chase is crazy about politics and so we of course, are tuned in tonight. I thought McCain did so much better than Obama. I sat down tonight and tried to listen with an open mind and trying to pretend that I am undecided upon who I am going to vote for. Chase would disown me if I voted for Obama, you know. But I really tried to listen to Obama and see his points and promises. I'm sorry to say, he is just full of empty promises. I just felt like McCain did such a good job and I think people are crazy to follow and believe Barrack. Having extended family members who are democratic and are voting for Obama, I apologize. I don't think though, that people planning on voting for him, have any idea who he is and what his plans are. I think they just hear things from on TV and think that is truth. These people don't go and try to study out his policies and past voting record, they just jump on the bandwagon.

Am I in love with McCain? No.But I would much rather have someone in the White House with much experience than very little. Would you go and see a doctor that has only had 2-4 years of education and think he would do a good job performing a surgery on you? No. Doctors have nearly 12 years of education before they can practice on their own. The same goes with politics. Barrack has just had too little experience. He has been a senator for 4 years, 2 of which, has been campaigning for president.

People say McCain is too old, that he can't run this country. I would feel very comfortable with my Grandpa Clark or Denton being the president right now. Why? Because they are very smart. They have seen many things and know much more than I do. Older citizens are very wise. They have been through wars, and tough economic times. They know. The other thing is my Grandpa's have tons of energy--much more than myself. I think McCain is the same way, I think he has many more years of life left in him.

I am going nuts over Chase's newfound passion. I would much rather take the sports. I think politics are very corrupt and biased depending upon which source you read/hear things from. In the car, we listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It is okay once in a while. I get home from work and Chase is watching TV, but not anything interesting. No it is Fox news channel. He likes to watch about 2-3 hours of this channel straight. It will have Hannity and Combes, and On The Record with Greta Van Sustern. But every night? Do we really have to watch it? I feel like I am married to an old man sometimes. Seriously. What 23 year old man watches these types of channels? I am just praying for him to change it to a football game or something. That would be more interesting.

I think Chase should major in Political Science or something since he has such a passion for politics. I have mentioned this offer thinking he would put aside foolish thoughts of being a snake wrangler. But alas, to no avail.

The second thing I wanted to mention here is, I am having a conscience attack. With the apartment, we weren't exactly forthcoming on the fact that Tinkerbell would be moving in with us. I guess I wouldn't mind so much, except that the landlord's grandma lives in the neighboring building and she trims the lawn and so I know she will see we have a cat. I don't know whether to be upfront with her about it and see if she will let us, or have her find out later (hopefully never) that we have a cat? She is a really good cat. She doesn't use the litter box. She goes outside and is very clean and doesn't claw things and she is usually outdoors more than indoors.

What do you think? Aarghh. It is driving me nuts and I am worried. I don't know what to do. We are hoping to be moved in by the 1st.

And the countdown begins.....

So we have 8 days to find a place to move. Lucky us. I hate moving. I hate packing. Grandma's house finally sold and so we have to be out by the 30th. Do we have a place to live? No. Have we been looking for apts? Yes. Does life really suck right now? Yes. If we can't find a place, I guess here we come parents house! My parents house. I never thought either of us would have to move in with our parents, but if we cannot find a place, we have no other options.

On Friday night after work, we went to look at a one bedroom home in Amalga. We instantly fell in love with it and we thouht it would be really fun living out in the country again. It had new carpet and new linolieum (gasp! I know). We had never lived in a place with new carpet and I was already daydreaming of how I would decorate this cute little home.

We thought we'd think about it at least until Saturday night after we met with my friend who does real estate and see if we could get approved for a home loan. Things went good there and they pre-approved us for a loan up to $120,000. I have been looking for months at the various homes for sale online. So Chase and I discussed our options and couldn't decide what to do. So we let Satuday pass by without calling and letting that lady know whether or not we wanted to rent that cute house.

We prayed about it and we just couldn't decide. I started thinking maybe now wouldn't be the right time to buy a house, maybe in another year. So on Sunday, I told Chase to call the lady and tell her we would take it. She told us that someone had called her on Saturday and said that they wanted it. We were so bummed. It was perfect. I don't know what we are going to do.

If anyone out there knows of a place for rent, please let us know! I look in the newspaper every day and go online to a couple different websites as well, but to no avail.

There will be so many things that I will miss about living in this home. However I will say that I won't miss those stupid dogs barking on either side of our house on Saturday mornings, when I am trying to sleep in. No I don't think I will miss them at all. They bark constantly. Our neighbors dogs to the south of us know us, so when we step outside they dont' bark at us. However the stupid dog to the North constantly barks at us and growls even if I just open up the front door partially. It is a black lab and seems really tough, then I heard the neighbor kids calling her Princess and I about died of laughter. Some maucho dog that is called Princess. Ha! More than one time have I thought about loading Chase's BB gun and going out in the middle of the night and give it a little sting between the eyes.

Those of you that know me, know how much I love animals (minus snakes) and so it is really an annoyingly bad dog if I am thinking about assassinating it. Today I registered for a couple of classes down at Bridgerland. I am really excited about it. I have felt like I have been wasting my life away not learning for the past few months. I am taking Drugs, Dosages and Calculations and Medical Terminology. They are a couple of the pre-requisites needed to apply for the LPN program down there. After these classes are done in December I still have to take a couple of USU classes (you can take them at BATC) before applying into that program. I am really excited about just getting it all done and over with. At least I will feel like the $10,000 or so that I have already spent on student loans up at USU were for something and not a waste.

Fall/ Halloween

I am so excited that fall is here. I am tired of the heat of summer. Fall is my favorite season, I love the leaves and Halloween and Thanksgiving. I painted pumpkins last year and sat them out on the porch. They were really fun and I got the idea from the October 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.
This year I am trying to think of another new and creative decoration for the pumpkins. I went onto the website yet again thanks to BHG. I can't believe I actually like looking at this magazine. My mom always used to subscribe to it and I thought, "Geez Mom, could you order a more boring magazine?" but now I have my own home, I am reallly into magazines like this. If anyone has some good ideas for decorating your home this fall, let me know.


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