My (Not so happy) 23rd Birthday

Well Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and it started out okay until I got the mail and there was something from Chase's Employer in a big fat envelope. Chase and I opened it on his lunch break and guess what good news was in there? Oh yeah Chase has been audited and his avg. amount of hours worked is like 32.17 hours over the past 18 weeks (so not his fault, his bosses) and he has to have a avg. of 35 hours to be considered full-time. Ok so they continue to go on that our INSURANCE has been DROPPED because of this as of 9/1/09 and mind you it is 9/15/09 when we got this. Knowing me I freaked out and started bawling after Chase left (got hold it in from him because I am so strong...not) and called my mom. I don't know what we're going to do. I did eventually calm down after a while. Anyone have some legal advice? I wonder if this is legal? They didn't even warn us that he would be dropped. Piece of crap employer. Did I mention, hello...looking for new and better job!

So that night Chase's family had a party for me and it was nice. We celebrated with my side of the family last Sunday. I had funfetti cake which was yummy with a cream cheese frosting which Chase's mom made. Alas there was no pictures taken but that's okay because I always forget the camera. I got money and some gift cards to Borders and American Eagle and a cute tote bag and today I went out and got me the purse I've been wanting for like a year (totally worth the money) and at Borders I got The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (can't wait to read) and a CD- Taylor Swift (am I too old to love her and her music?).

Isn't news like your insurance being dropped great on your birthday? I thought so. Needless to say Chase goes down to his monthly doc appt. tomorrow ($140) and we have no insurance, and we have to buy his perscriptions at retail price. Chase has been looking into which meds are the cheapest retail, but its still going to be over $200 or so. Did I say that I hate my life? Well sorry I had to rant and rave, but how else can I vent?

Open Season

Well we got up at 5:30 yesterday morning and got ready to head out ot Newton for opening day of Dove Season. Why do you have to always get up so darn early to hunt? Well I was pretty excited Monday night and couldn't sleep because it was my first time officially hunting with my own gun and not just hiking along. Well I didn't actually have my own gun, I used Chase's 12 gauge and he used his grandpas.
We went with Trevor (Chase's brother) and his friend Jordan Walquist. Leilani (my sis in law) also came but didn't actually hunt. We ended up having a lot of fun. And the biggest suprise of all was that I actually shot one! It was so exciting and fun to be out there walking around and looking to shoot dove. Chase got five and Trevor got seven.
Today I am so sore and I also fell in a hole and twisted my ankle bad and it is so swollen and I can hardly walk on it. I am such a klutz. My mom thinks I should get it x-rayed but I don't know if it is broke or just sprained. Now I haven't been able to go out today or tonight to hunt. Chase went back out again tonight and got five more. So it seems like we'll be eating dove sometime soon. I also cleaned the dove that I shot. The weird thing is that if you would have said I'd be hunting five years ago, I would have laughed. I am also planning on going spike elk hunting this October with Chase. I hope one of us gets one because we need the meat for this winter coming up.
I didn't get any pictures of us because I forgot the camera and I doubt any of my boys would have posed for a pic anyways.