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Hey my friend Shelayna is doing a Rachel Ray Stoneware Giveaway over on her website. You should definitely check it out. This set is so adorable. The website is

Go there if you please!

Thank you!

Have a fabulous day!

The Winner Is...

Ok I was down in SLC helping my sister and haven't been able to draw for the drawing yet. I am sorry that this is a day late.

I ended up with 56 entries. I went on over to and the winning number is

#46 which is Spamgirl said...
tweeted AND facebooked entry #3 :)

Congratulations Spamgirl! You have until Wednesday February 24 to contact me, I will also try to email you since you left your email address.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I promise to do another drawing soon.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Hello Fellow Bloggers...My First Giveaway

First of all I would like to welcome my fellow swap-bot partners from the best swapping website ever. If you don't know about this website, you should seriously check it out. It is a website about a group of people that swap anything and everything from postcards to brighten your day to crafts to small packages to pen pal snail mail swaps. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy it immensely. The website is

I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day. My husband was so sweet to me although he claims that this holiday is just made up to spend money and for stores to make money. Which may be true, but who can argue with a day just about Love, right? My husband got me something sparkly. And that was totally a suprise. Oh what a sweet husband I have.

For those that are visiting me here for the first time I will tell a little about myself. I am in my early 20s and have been married for 3 years in March. What a wonderful day. Here is a pic of me and my hubby on that day:

I enjoy crafts like sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking, painting, and sketching. I also love to read. That is my number 1 hobby. You will usually find me ignoring home chores to read instead. My husband will be watching TV and I will be reading next to him on the couch. One of my favorite series is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. She is such an amazing author and this series is excellent. I also have enjoyed Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters Trilogy. She is also a very good author. I also like to write poetry. I don't know if I'm any good. But that is also a hobby of mine. I like to blog (obviously). I love the outdoors. I love to hike and hunt with my family and husband. My sister and mom wonder why in the world I hunt but I do enjoy it. I like to play and watch sports like basketball, baseball/softball and volleyball. I ran track in high school and that was fun. I wasn't the best at it but I still enjoyed pushing myself and getting a great workout. If you know me you will also know I love Pepsi. It is my guilty pleasure. So bad. Oh well. Maybe one day soon I can quit you. My hubby and I also like to watch movies together. He will even sometimes watch chick flicks with me. How awesome is that. And yes, he did go and see Twilight and New Moon with me and didn't sleep through it.

I work part time in retail at a totally awesome store. I like it and I like the people I work with. I am not currently attending school right now but I want to go back and finish soon. Right now I am thinking about majoring in English since I enjoy reading and writing. Or maybe something in the Healthcare field. I don't know. We have one cat named Tinkerbell. She is a little devil of a cat. She is also very fat. No kids yet but we are hoping soon :) -someday in the next year or two we can have them.

**This past weekend we also got to celebrate at my Dad's Retirement party. He is truly an amazing father and has accomplished much in his life. He has worked very hard to provide for his family and he is also one of the most inspiring people I've met. He has done so much with running and cycling that most people would just be amazed at how well in shape he is at his age now. He has been running and cycling for around 30 years now. I have fond memories of he and I together fishing or him teaching me how to drive (what patience) as well as his jokes he always makes that you aren't expecting. Here is a picture of my hubby, me and my Dad at my husband's birthday a couple years ago. Dad I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I love you!

Now to the Giveaway!

I thought to celebrate getting possibly 10 new blog friends from Swap-bot (and more), I should give something away. Hmmm...what to give away? Oh yeah. How about some Mary Kay? Since this is my first giveaway I am hoping to get some new people to check out my blog. This giveaway is open to anyone 18 or older around the world so you are eligible if you live on Earth. Woo-hoo!

It is the Mary Kay Winterberry Gift Set. This set includes a 2 oz. body mist, 3 oz. body wash, and 2 oz body butter. This fragrance smells so yummy. And it comes in a cute mesh zip bag. It retails at $26!

Now here is how you can win this:

For one entry: Write your name. Easy Peasy.

For another five entries: Email 5 of your friends about this giveaway and come back and tell me you emailed them or post on your own blog about this giveaway and then come back and leave a comment with your link to your blog.

For another three entries please Facebook or Twitter about this giveaway. Write: I just entered to win a Mary Kay Winterberry Gift Set at you can too!

For one last entry: please follow my blog and comment that you are a follower.

So you have a total of 10 entries you can get.

You have until Midnight on Sunday February 21 to enter. The winner will be randomly chosen at and I will announce the winner on Monday February 22. If you are the winner please contact me at and let me know where I need to ship this set to. If I don't hear from you by Wednesday February 24 I will have to pick another winner. Hope you win!

I am hoping to start doing a giveaway about once a month so check back on this blog to see what I will be giving away next.